Shopping and booking online can be very useful because people can find everything they need directly from their houses.

Lars is also a friend of mine.

He got off at the next station.

Don't bother yourself about me.

Taking everything into consideration, the result is better than I expected.

Carpentry and bricklaying are examples of manual labor.


You're unscrupulous.

Sundar tested the bath's temperature with her big toe.

"I can't stand it any more!" "Calm down. I'll come over as soon as possible."

For the record, Trey didn't have anything to do with this.

You're too generous.


It may safely be said that he is a genius.

Blair followed Cynthia upstairs.

Jerrie has decided to go to Boston.


Let's do something fun.

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I want to go to Australia with my family.


They know very well who we are, and what we can do.


They were spending so much time together.


I can't make her happy.

The Miami Heat won a second straight NBA championship.

Nobody'll know.

And this is the record of John, when the Jews sent priests and Levites from Jerusalem to ask him, Who art thou?

My hand are benumbed with cold.

I'm afraid my greatest talent is for eating.

No one will ever forget him.

Tulips are our prefecture's official flower.

I'm not sure if Hy will go.

Take a doughnut from the shelf!

You should not try to force your ideas on others.


Six men came forward to volunteer for the work.


Raise your hand before you answer.

Kenneth is extremely honest.

We are working for peace.

Nobody cares for me.

You don't have to be nervous.

This new application claims to be user friendly. Well, it isn't.

She's quite wealthy.

I don't think children should drink beer.

Things aren't going well.

Gretchen got into the car and slammed the door shut.

When I'm with a crying baby, I end up wanting to cry myself!


Try to have a good day.

Look, I want you to do me a favor.

They have families.

They'll be very happy together.

Why did you invite Heinz to dinner?

What newspaper do you work for?

Employees can be motivated with good, fair wages, chance to work in a good team or on exciting tasks, and with clear economic incentives such as performance pay or opportunity for promotion.

We had Theo paint the fence light green.

I think Carole might actually want someone to kill him.

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Be my guests!


The purpose of the heart is to pump blood.

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I didn't participate in the conversation.

My dream is to take a round-the-world trip.

I plan to buy him a pen.


We must have missed something.

He wrote down all the details.

Above all, I want to be healthy.


He's more than likely to be late.

Lorien looked spooked.

Merat was extremely upset.

Who's going to replace Maurice?

At dinner time they stopped for a while to rest and eat.

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I need anti-itch ointment.

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Is he free on Friday afternoon?


Have you ever learnt a language in a week?

The unexpected always happens.

We must consider the question from every aspect.

Molly tried to convince me to do that.

Win will be going home soon.

What were you doing up there?

Colin, be quiet and listen to me.

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I sleep six hours a day on average.

Bertrand is feeling a little better today.

Help yourself to the fruit.

I'd say you got taken.

The boy has a high fever.

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Would you tell us what you do for a living?

The look on her face was priceless.

When I was a university student, I always pulled an all-nighter before a test.


Don't even think about killing me you ass.

Why would you tell them that?

We could've managed.

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The car is blue.

I'll go and ask her.

Eli saw Elliott and John holding hands.

You might want to be a little more careful next time.

Parents can pass many diseases on to their offspring.

You won't catch me doing that again.

Sunil can speak French a little.

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There are islands in the ocean.

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Clare's problem is that he lives in his own bubble.

Years ago, when Murray's children were young, he used to take a lot of pictures.

We pray for peace.

The light bulb burned out.

They stayed at home because it was very cold.


The chief danger is that through these commentaries one may come to consider the living entity to be equal to the Supreme Lord

Resignation is the first lesson of life.

Roberta turned serious.


That's my hobby.

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A deep grave had been dug in the corner of the churchyard, just under the old yew-tree.

What else do you know about that?

Listen to the facts relative to the issue.

If the number of cars increases, so will the traffic.

They were forced to leave the house against their will.

It took me three days to read this book.

The boy stood on end.

We're not as fast as you.

You've seen what Gill can do.

Myrick was very quick to volunteer.

Pick a weapon.


He'll be just fine.

You're the only person I know that never complains about the food here.

Lastly, cook on low heat for thirty minutes and it's done.

What are your expenses?

That's the point.

After he came back from service in Afghanistan, Brian was plagued by flashbacks and nightmares.

I've been waiting for this for months.

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I apologize for that.

All four of Julianto's grandparents were teachers.

We have enough food now.

Miniskirts have been out of date for some time.

It was a ghost town during the war.

I've never met anyone who doesn't like chocolate.

Where is the store?

What don't you like?

Nobody knew where he went.

Would you mind waiting here just a moment?

He ran away for his life.


She had breakfast.


I won't have time to finish writing this report before the meeting.


Please write what you said.

I guess I just don't get it.

Is Samir still studying French?

Turkeer seems to be looking for something.

Which is longer, a single bond or a double bond?

Gregge wants a motorcycle.

Every student trusts Mr Akai because he never breaks his word.

I don't know any of those people.

The meeting was adjourned until the following week.

Are you going to go on holiday this year?

I'm not an expert of psychology.


I think phosphoric acid has the same color and consistency as coconut oil.

If you dangle a shoelace in front of my cat, she'll play with it.

Right now, to 20 people only, we're revealing for free the secret of manipulating younger women.

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This means a lot to me.

He is openly gay.

Tricia has been up since dawn.


I have little money now.

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The researcher suggested promising directions for treating the cancer.

Ozan opened the cage.

What is life?

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The condition of Man is a condition of Warre of every one against every one.

Jos denied everything.

She looked so incredibly sexy, it took his breath away.

We still have more to learn.

Julian's way of talking gets on my nerves.


I'm still on the fence.

What could possibly go wrong?

Divide the candies among you.

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He is a scoundrel.